Skin Flaps or Grafts

A skin flap involves rearrangement of local skin tissue to repair a surgical defect such as after the removal of a skin cancer. It is often required for skin cancers on the face, particularly on the nose and lips. Properly performed flap repair achieves the best aesthetic outcome as it provides the best match of skin appearance and hides the scars in natural skin folds or lines. Most flap repairs are complex requiring advanced surgical skills and experience.

A skin graft is usually required for larger defects that are not amendable to flap repair. A major disadvantage of a skin graft is the poor match of graft appearance to the surrounding skin. However, there are post-operative procedures including laser treatment that can improve the appearance of the graft.

Dr Roland Nguyen regularly performs complex flap and graft repairs in our clinic’s Operating Theatre, at the Skin Hospital (Darlinghurst) and Pittwater Day Surgery (Mona Vale). He is also a consultant dermatologist at Liverpool Hospital where he teaches trainee dermatologists these advanced skin surgery procedures.