Cosmetic & Lasers


The use of lasers to treat skin conditions is based on the principle of Selective Photothermolysis. This involves having the appropriate laser settings to selectively remove the unwanted structures in the skin while minimizing damage to surrounding structures. Fractional lasers are increasingly used in recent times for skin rejuvenation in an effort to reduce post-treatment downtime. It is important to understand that laser treatments should only be performed by qualified and experienced professionals to minimize the risk of complications.

Dermatologists at our clinic are experts and have the most up to date knowledge on all aspects of laser treatments. They can provide consultation and laser treatment most appropriate for your skin condition.



We use the Lumenis Acupulse fractional laser at our clinic for its versatility, flexibility and effective results in the treatment of acne scars, surgical scars and facial rejuvenation. This laser allows us to control both the depth and density of treatment to achieve the desired results depending on the type of scar or the depth of the wrinkles being treated. It may also be used for superficial peeling of the skin to treat sun damage.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a technology that delivers light energy in a range of wavelengths. Specific filters are then used to select the wavelengths most effective for the particular skin condition being treated. IPL can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions including broken capillaries, facial redness/flushing and sun damage (freckles, mottled pigmentation, solar lentigines). IPL is also used in photo rejuvenation and photodynamic therapy for sun spots (actinic keratoses) and certain types of skin cancers.

Our clinics use the Lumenis M22 which is the only available IPL with Optimal Pulse Technology. This technology delivers IPL pulses of homogeneous power over the entire duration of the pulses making treatments with the Lumenis M22 safer and gentler yet much more reliable in achieving the desired results.